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This is a project I like a lot, and it’s built around the idea of ‘browse before buying’. 

And every year in the US something like around 800 million plus books are purchased in paperback, hardback, Kindle, and audio book, and this is the audience that we want to tap into. 

The idea is that we would look at the top 10 or 20 bestsellers in each of the main categories, not the up to 16,000 sub, sub, subcategories on Amazon bestsellers. 

We would put the first chapter of those books on our website, all then heavily linked, and the people who come to our site can read the first chapter of that book and decide then if they want to click through and actually buy the book from Amazon. 

It’s a bit like taking the first look thing that already exists on Amazon, but extending it out to the whole first chapter.

I think mostly first look does not do that. 

I think you get a page or two at the beginning, and I don’t see any sites around really doing this. I think you obviously have the affiliate income from Amazon, but you can run other affiliate authors based on the genre, the types of books, the category of books that people are interested in. 

I would definitely have an email list here, and you would want to divide them up by their specific interest, be it romance fiction, marketing, or whatever it might be. 

From there you could inform them about new book releases that they could be interested in, such as from a famous author like Seth Gordon in marketing, or some entrepreneur in business, or somebody huge in romance fiction or James Patterson.

Any of those niche interests, those topic interests there I think can do well, and when it comes to targeting with Facebook ads, and this is one of my criteria actually for whether or not to pursue a project and how far I want to take it, I do see that Kindle has an audience on Facebook, the Kindle reader from Amazon of about 24 million in the US. 

So there’s a healthy user base of people who are already buying books that you can target there with your Facebook ads to come over to your browse before buying website.

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